The Australia Project is a series of creative initiatives dedicated to exploring the national Australian identity. Prominent Australian artists were hand-selected and invited to creatively interpret the Australia Project Brief.

The Inaugural Australia Project Exhibition was held at the C3 Contemporary Art Space in Abbotsford, Melbourne during April and May of 2010. The exhibition included a selection of creative submissions, visions photographs and postcards.

"Australia, the wide brown land, with droughts and flooding rains. An ancient country that beats to a rhythm that we white fellas find hard to understand how it works.

We have to listen to country, instead we dig it up and flog it. Australia is both rugged and fragile at the same time.

In these images I wanted to show the fragile nature of life; how we start to decompose from the moment we’re made. Like us, these cans will go back to Mother Earth. We’re on the same journey."